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For your Safety, Comfort and Convenience

Sugar Routes

Sugar Routes is our sister company, which provides taxi and transportation services throughout St. Lucia. We are here for our guests on land as well as sea. If you are traveling to St. Lucia we are your first and best service between airport and resort, or other accommodations. We provide a range of transport from basic to luxury, as well as a wide range of tours and activities. Just click the reservations button and let us know what you need.

Airport Transportation

Avoid a damper on your holiday before it begins and book your taxi for a convenient and hassle-free voyage. So, whether it be for business or pleasure, travel with ease and allow us to set the right tone for your occasion. Choose from our selection of ground transportation from luxury and SUVs to regular taxis to get you on your way!

Island Tours & Transportation


All Safety Precautions Taken

As travel restrictions begin to ease, our company has taken all precautionary measures to protect the health and safety of our passengers, employees, and those around us so you can feel confident while traveling . We remain committed to providing you with the safe, and quality services that you have come to expect.

All Chauffeured vehicles will be completely sanitized throughout and after reservation period.

All chauffeurs wear mask. Clients too, are expected to wear a mask/ face covering.